Next Tournament


Check out the coverage on the "FRONT PAGE" of todays Buffalo News along with a color picture of Amber Chinn of the Urban Knights Chess Club on the back. Thanks again to everyone!
The story can be read online at:

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  1. Wow!

    Well done Michael. I am quite sure most of us never thought we would see the day when one of our chess tournaments would be front page news.

    Let's keep the momentum going.

    While it is nice to have so many different active players. We need more behind the scence workers, coaches, writers, publicists, tournament directors, sponsors, ect.

    It can not be just a few of us doing this, otherwise one day folks like Michael, who is doing all of these things, will either be burned out or come to realize that he would like to just play this great game and let some one else do the work.

    Please lend a hand and do what you can.