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Report of The First Annual Mayor's Cup of Buffalo

NM Eddie Mark with EddieIV and the Mayor's Cup
Who says the Buffalo-Niagara Region can not line up with the other "hotbeds of chess" around the country? We can run a Grand Prix tournament in typical "chess style." We can agree to "grandmaster draws" like the best of them. We can add many new "promising players" from the scholastic ranks to those of seasoned successful tournament players. And we can gain notoriety and press coverage too. "The chess ambassador, "Mr. Michael Mc Duffie, put on an excellent event at the Student Union of Buffalo State College these past two days and was able to get two TV stations to film portions of the event as well as getting the Buffalo News to write up an article for publication. Almost 50 players participated in four sections with school age players doing well in each section. The top female player was Amanda Chinn a seventh grader from Elmwood Franklin School. Winning the Under 1000 section with a perfect 5/5 score, much to the pride of his father -our esteemed tournament direct, was Aaron McDuffie a six grader from Casey Middle School. In the Under 1400 section Evan Ashton, a ninth grader at Clarence High School, also won with an undefeated 4.5/5 score. The winner of the top scholastic performance award went to Bob Shao, a seventh grader from Transit Middle School, who competed in the Open section and had a performance rating of over 2000! This included a draw with the top rated player of the tournament National Master Lionel Davis (2217). Not to be outdone by those one-quarter his age, however, was the "veteran" Tom Warner who accomplished the same perfect 5/5 feat in winning the Under 1800 section. The highlight, of course, of the tournament was the competition in the Open section to determine the "Best Chess Player of Buffalo." National Master Eddie Mark won clear first with an undefeated 4/5 score. His decisive win was done in the third round as white over National Master Barry Davis. Use the interactive player below to replay that game.
NM Mark concluded his tournament with two successive draws including a final round "grandmaster draw" after 12 moves with the second place finisher Douglas Dubose


  1. Congrats to all winners especially to Tom and Evan. I think Evan had 4.5 at the end. Hope the results will be soon available.
    I missed not being able to play. Who knows when there will be another chance.

  2. Well Rev. Marijan, I hoped they called it the FIRST Annual Mayor's Cup for a reason!

    If so you should be able to participate next year.

    Know this, though, your presence indeed was missed.

  3. I was surprised and disappointed that Rev. Proczyk didn't compete especially since I had spent so much time preparing for his dynamic style.
    I guess I was also a little relieved since I have always had trouble against him.
    Before the tournament I figured my two toughest challenges would have come from Lionel Davis and the Reverend.
    With him in the pack I'm certain I could never have won the title with two draws on the last day.

    e mark