Next Tournament

Elementary Team Chess Competition Tomorrow

To bring each's chess session to a close for this academic year, tomorrow-Wednesday June 6, 2007, Geraldine J. Mann Elementary will host the 66th Street School in Niagara Falls to play 3 rounds of team chess. Best 2 out of 3 will win the lunch time mini-tournament which will be held in the library.
Each team has elected 2 co-captains, who after consulting with their 7 teammates, will make the official moves on the chess board. All the players have been working hard and tomorrow's challenge likely will display much of their work. Best of luck to both chess teams!
Both schools are looking for sponsors for next year's chess activities, so that they can buy much needed equipment including Staunton chess sets, algebraic vinyl chess boards, chess clocks, scoresheets, tote bags, chess books, and supplies. Do you know of a person, foundation, or business that might be able to help out?

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