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Roy B Kelley Elementary Lunch Chess Club

CONGRATULATIONS! It's official. Roy B. Kelley Elementary School in Lockport has now initiated a chess club for its third, fourth, and fifth graders in order to learn the game during the student's lunch period. Principal Stegeman will be learning the game as well! Each grade's team has at least 14 players. These 42 students are eager to learn: the names of chess pieces, how the pieces move, how to capture, how to block, how to check, how to get out of check, how to check mate, and of course how they can beat their dads, cousins, and friends. A few of the questions that were raised during our session today included: What is Fools Mate? How how do you write chess notation? What are some of the best strategies to learn?
The next sessions will be the week of June 12th.
Does anyone know of a business sponsor for the chess sets, boards, bags and scorebooks? Which area elementary or middle school will be next to join the growing chess craze?
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